What follows is a summary of arguments, strategies and ideas that have been dispersed into society over the last couple hundred years. These ideas are destroying the family and moral foundations of society.

  • Erase any and all understanding of differences in roles and characteristics between genders
  • Argue that the existence of "love" excuses and in fact blesses any sexual act
  • Blur the definition of "love" so that it is difficult to understand
  • Sexualize any and all touch between people
  • Make people afraid of expressing love and concern for someone of their same gender
  • Once gender differences are erased, argue that there is no advantage to children in having both a mother and a father
  • Isolate people from each other so that it is difficult if not impossible to achive emotional intimacy with someone except through sex
  • Focus people's minds on the sex act and divorce it from emotional intimacy so that when people do have sex it is focused on the act and sensations rather than the person, eliminating any chance of real emotional intimacy
  • Distract fathers and mothers from their responsibility to rear their children so children feel alone and have no one to ask deep questions
  • Make parents afraid of discussing sex with their children so that the only way to get information on sex is through friends or the internet
  • Convince people that the only reason they feel bad about any action or choice is because of society's norms
  • Argue that society's norms should change so that people don't feel bad about their choices
  • Leverage well-meaning people's concerns about suicide to convince people that any discussion of right and wrong answers contributes to suicide, thereby silencing messages of right and wrong
  • Promote the idea that you really don't have any choice in your actions - that it is all determined by genetics and upbringing
  • Argue that if someone tells you that what you are doing is wrong then they must not love you
  • Relentlessly look for and publicize any possible faults in people and organizations promoting values so that observers become cynical and believe everyone is hypocritical
  • Get people to focus on mistakes by religious leaders so the pattern recognition in the brain perceives their teachings as harmful and self-serving rather than loving and helpful
  • Make people afraid of speaking truth because it has the chance to hurt feelings
  • Argue that the state knows better than parents do how to raise children

I believe these ideas are part of Satan's plan to destroy God's plan through the destruction of the family.

I have been astounded at how pervasive and how seemingly well organized it all is as I've observed it. I do not believe it has been orchestrated by any human, but that most if not all people who promote them are simply Satan's pawns in carrying out his larger plan.