I recently returned home from the Journey Beyond experiential weekend presented by Brothers Road. It was an amazing experience, and perhaps the best thing I have ever done in my life.

I had experiences that deeply strengthened my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that helped me understand why I have had to go through so many difficult things in my life, and that opened my eyes to how the problems I experience are being used by God to make me into the man he needs me to be.

One of the most profound experiences I had helped me understand the atonement not just on an intellectual level, but deeply in my whole being. I have been frustrated for a long time at how easy it is for me to become judgemental, and I have berated myself on many occasions for that. This experience touched not only my mind, but my whole being. I felt a very real shift in my body. Where I had been having judgemental thoughts many times throughout the day before the experience, afterward they largely disappeared.

Another amazing result of the weekend was how deeply I was able to feel real masculine energy and how it distinguishes men from women. It also helped me feel, in my body, mind and heart, how powerful true friendship and affection between men is - and how different it is from sexual desire. It helped me feel the deeply broken place where same-sex sexual desire comes from in myself. But it also helped me see how working through that wound will be used by God in my life to help build His kingdom on the earth.

When I got home, the difference I could feel between my masculine energy and my wife's feminine energy was palpable. I have since felt a deep shift in my ability to relate to my wife and other women in a healthy way - and have seen those effects in action. Just last night we had the most real date I can remember - where I could actually listen, pay attention, and respond, and where I experienced true joy in our connection to each other.

I left the weekend with a deep love for God, for myself and for my fellow travelers on this earth. I left with a deep conviction of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the powerful truths taught in the Proclamation to the World about gender, sexuality and family.

It was nothing short of miraculous.