This situation is breaking my heart and I cannot keep silent on it.

This little boy is six years old and a twin and is the subject of a custody battle. His father is a good friend of someone I know and trust. His "mother" has been feeding him the lie since three years old that he is a girl. The mother has persuaded the school district to force teachers and students to treat him as a girl and she is planning to have him start hormone treatment. Tomorrow a court trial begins that will decide whether or not the father can stop this from happening. The judge has accused the father of "child abuse" for trying to raise his son as a boy.

Please, I beg you, please pray for this little boy that he will not be erased by his "mother".

I've talked a lot about same-sex attraction issues with regards to therapy and the regulation being considered here in Utah remove the choice from children and youth to get therapy that gives them choices. The much more concerning issue with that regulation is, however, that it ALSO applies to gender dysphoria in children, giving parents no options to help their children.

It is child abuse to give a child cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers for what is clearly and objectively a psychological problem. Yet such a regulation would make any help but those options illegal.

By the way - this is happening in Texas even WITHOUT there being a law prohibiting talk therapy for minors with gender dysphoria.

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